Carla Nappi, University of British Columbia

Max Oidtmann, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar

Website Editor:
Devin Fitzgerald, Harvard University

Publications Editors:
Benjamin Levey, University of Michigan – Dearborn
Matthew Mosca, William and Mary



Mark C. Elliott, Harvard University [Past President]

Elif Akçetin, University of Illinois at Chicago [Past Secretary]



2015 Chicago [coming soon!]

2013 San Diego



1.1. The name of this organization shall be “Manchu Studies Group,” abbreviated as MSG. In
Chinese the name is 滿洲歷史語言研究會/满洲历史语言研究会, and in Manchu, Manju suduri
gisun be tacire kūwaran.

2.1. The purpose of the Society shall be:
(1) to promote the study of Manchu language, culture, and history;
(2) to support publication of scholarly work relating to the study of Manchu;
(3) to provide a space for exchange of scholarly work on Manchu studies through open
source digital publication;
(4) to maintain an active internet presence through regular news and content updates to
the website;
(5) to maintain resources for the coordination of Manchu studies workshops and
conferences, including online workshops;
(6) to build a community of students and scholars dedicated to the promotion of the
organization’s goals.
2.2. The Society shall maintain affiliation with the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) and
other scholarly organizations as appropriate.

3.1. Any person interested in joining the group may become a member. Voting membership is
reserved for members who make an annual contribution as set by the Board.
3.2. Except as otherwise specified by the Board, the annual contribution shall support the
continuing development of the MSG website and related digital publications.
3.3. Annual Dues – The annual dues are established by the Executive Board and will be fixed for
each academic year September 1 to August 31.
3.3.a. The Board shall have the power by majority vote to increase or decrease the annual
dues from time to time. No increase in dues shall be retroactive or applied against a
member, who, after receiving notice of the increase, serves written notice of resignation.
3.3.b. Members who, within ninety days from the time dues duly levied are payable, do
not pay such dues, shall upon a vote of a majority of the Board be removed from
membership. The financial obligation arising out of membership shall be limited to
membership dues.
3.3.c. Funds collected through the payment of dues or other means shall be used
exclusively in accordance with the goals of the organization as spelled out in the bylaws.
3.3.d. Responsibility for collection of dues and maintaining MSG accounts lies with the
Secretary of the Board.
3.4. Resignation of Members – Any member may resign upon written notice to the Secretary and
will thereby be relieved of liability for dues for the following academic year, but not for the year
of resignation.
Manchu Studies Group Proposed Bylaws
3.5. Voting shall occur biennially at the meeting-in-conjunction at the AAS conference.

4.1. The executive authority of the Group shall be vested in an Executive Board, the
responsibilities and duties of which shall include, but not be limited to:
(1) communication with membership and the AAS;
(2) maintenance of the website, including regular content updates;
(3) publications; and
(4) planning meetings of the Group
4.2. The Executive Board shall consist of the officers of the Group (see ARTICLE V) and the
immediate Past President, who shall continue to serve on the Board for two years after
completion of the term as President. A quorum for conducting business shall be defined as a
simple majority of the Board.
4.3. At the discretion of the Board, an additional director-at-large may be elected by majority
vote at the annual business meeting.
4.4. Meetings of the Executive Board shall be held at such times and places designated by the
President, or in the President’s absence, by the Secretary.

5.1. Officers shall be elected biennially at the MSG meeting in conjunction, held at the annual
meeting of the Association for Asian Studies. The term of officers so elected shall begin at the
meeting and last for two years.
5.2. The officers shall be the President, the Secretary-treasurer, the Website Editor, and the Publications
5.3. The officers shall have the usual powers and duties exercised by the officers of a voluntary
5.4. The term of office for President and Secretary shall be two years. There is no limit on the
number of terms a member may serve in these or any office of the Group.

6. 1. Members shall meet at least once a year in conjunction with the annual meeting of the
Association for Asian Studies (AAS).
6.2. The President shall preside over the annual meeting. In the President’s absence the
Secretary shall preside.
6.3. The Secretary shall prepare annually a report of the membership meeting and submit copies
to the Executive Board and the AAS.

These Bylaws may be amended at the annual meeting by a two-thirds vote of the present and
voting members.


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