Manzokushi kenkyū / 満族史研究

Published in Tokyo by the Japanese Association for Manchu and Qing Studies 満族史研究会, based at Tōyō Bunko.  Editor: Kusunoki Yoshimichi 楠木賢道, Tsukuba University.  In Japanese, with English table of contents.

The journal began as Manzokushi kenkyū tsūshin 満族史研究通信 (searchable index here 満族史研究通信総目録 — .pdf will open in new window), published from 1991-2000, with a green cover.  The first issue contained the following introduction by Kanda Nobuo:

The Japanese Association of Manchu and Qing Studies was formally launched in November 1986.  Since then, exactly five years have passed.

“Manchu history” is the history of the various peoples who have come and gone mainly in the territory that is Northeast China: the Manchus and their predecessors the Jurchens, and prior to them, the ancient Fuyu, Koryo, Mohe, and Bohai.   Before the war, the field of what was once called “Manchurian history” was the most active area of research in Japanese historical studies of East Asia (Tōyōshi).  However, after the war, Japanese interest in this region suddenly cooled and the number of scholars in the field declined.  In recent years, the number of younger scholars has gradually increased and with this research activities centered on the Manchus are again being promoted.  Moreover, scholars have now recognized the importance of Manchu language materials for work on the post-conquest Qing period.

After the 1911 Revolution, for a very long time Manchus in China had a degraded status.  Lately, however, as a “minority nationality,” the ethnic consciousness of the Manzu has notably heightened.  Research into their history, language, and culture is now being carried out energetically.  Also, at the present time, archives and other new historical sources are continuously appearing.  In addition, in Europe and the United States the Manchus are getting more attention, and the results of new scholarship are coming out steadily.  In response to this global turn in Manchu studies, scholars in Japan have joined to form the Japanese Association for Manchu and Qing Studies, in the hope of advancing the field in our country.

From its early days, the Association planned to publish a newsletter that would introduce the activities of its members, along with information about the wider sphere of Manchu studies, to the academic world.  But owing to various circumstances, these plans were unfortunately delayed.  Here, at last, it is possible to begin publication.  For now it may appear somewhat irregularly, but we hope it will further the development of Manchu studies.

November 1991

In 2001, the name of the journal was changed, the format enlarged, and the cover changed to yellow.  Contents are divided among different categories:  Articles (特別寄稿), Archives (資料紹介), Field reports (現地がらの報告), Research trends (学界動向), Book reviews (書評), New books (新刊紹介), Miscellanea (彙報).  Apart from research articles, of particular value are frequent reports on domestic and international conferences on Manchu and Qing studies, descriptions of archives, notes on new publications.


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