Manchu studies at Harvard

Instruction in Manchu is available on a regular basis at Harvard through courses offered in the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations.  Courses are open to undergraduates and graduate students alike.  The basic curriculum is 2 years in length, with the beginning level offered in alternate years.  The first year (Manchu A and Manchu B) introduces the writing system and grammar, while the second year (Manchu 120A and Manchu 120B) consists of intensive reading in a range of texts, including the unpointed script.  Manchu 300 is a directed reading course for advanced students.

In addition, a year-long research seminar in Manchu studies (Manchu 210A and 210B) is offered every three years.  A prerequisite for this course is good ability in both classical Chinese and classical Manchu.  A reading knowledge of Japanese is also recommended.

Harvard is the only institution in North America to teach Manchu on a regular basis.  It has done so since 1966, when Joseph Fletcher first offered such a course.


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