Blog Away!

Blog Away!

Dear gucuse,

It’s been a while since our blog has been active, but with a new board (Carla Nappi, President; Max Oidtmann, Secretary; Devin Fitzgerald, (still) Website editor; and Matthew Mosca and Benjamin Levey, (still) Editors of Saksaha), we’re excited to head in new directions. If you’re interested in posting to the blog, please send an email with your proposal to devinfitz AT gmail.

Now, you’re probably wondering, what sort of things are good for the blog? Well, with the success of Saksaha, we’d like to make it slightly less formal. So, anything that seem like it’s better as a research note (over 1500 words), is best saved for the journal. Here at the blog, we want:

  1. Conference reports.
  2. Brief introductions to materials, either discovered or already known.
  3. Translations.
  4. Think-pieces on topics of interest.

Remember, this isn’t just for Manchu language materials. Anything you think relates to Manchu studies (that conversations with an ayi in Heilongjiang?), will probably work.

One more thing: please send transcriptions of Manchu materials over to Fresco at to help build their database.

Devin Fitzgerald

Website editor

image credit:

Qing Court Return, The Emperess Dowerger [1902] George E. Morrison [RESTORED]

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