New issue of Manzokushi kenkyū is out

We have just received the latest issue of Manzokushi kenkyū 『満族史研究』(Volume 12, December 2013).  As many readers will know, the journal began in 1991 as Manzokushi kenkyū tsūshin, and “graduated” from newsletter status in 2001, under founding editor Kusunoki Yoshimichi 楠木賢道.  Now under the editorship of Sugiyama Kiyohiko 杉山清彦 of the University of Tokyo, the journal, published by the Japanese Association for Manchu and Qing Studies (満族史研究会) continues to provide a tremendously valuable assortment of research articles, reports from the field, book reviews, and conference reports.

The table of contents for the newest issue includes the following:


Hayata Suzushi 早田清冷, “Manchu color terms for ‘black’”

Matsuoka Yuta 松岡雄太, “Kana-notation of Manchu in Honyaku Mango sanhen


Otsubo Yoshiyuki 大坪慶之, “Weng Tonghe’s diaries and their value as historical documents”

Research trends

Guo Yang 郭陽, “A summary of studies and findings on Ka-i hentai in Japan”


Oka Hiroki 岡洋樹, “International conference, ‘The First International Conference of Manchu Documents”

Murakami Nobuaki 村上信明, “International conference, ‘The Nature of the Manchu Qing Empire and of its Relations with Other Polities in Asia’”

Sugiyama Kiyohiko 杉山清彦, “International conference, ‘Life-world – Economy of Violence – Instrument of Governance: What was the “Military” in the Early Modern World?’”

Field reports

Xu Shujie 許淑傑and Nie Youcai 聶有財, “The survey of the Manchu Culture Institute of Jilin Normal University”


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