Back from Vacation

Back from Vacation

Greetings gucuse!

MSG has returned from our summer hiatus.  This autumn will be a period of major development. Back issues of Saksaha will finally arrive on the website and an official announcement about the new journal will be released. We are in the process of lining up our blog posts for the next few months, but the materials we already have promise a year of very exciting posts. Here is a preview of some of our new blog topics:

  • Manchu-Uighur translations
  • Manchu poetry
  • An interview with Evelyn Rawski, University Professor – University of Pittsburgh
  • Manchu strange tales

In other news, the Manchu Studies Group is now officially registered as a non-profit organization in Massachusetts. That means that we will be setting up a bank account for membership dues. Our content will continue being offered free of charge, but in the spirit of collective support, we hope that you will join the MSG.

We begin our posting year with this fantastic post by Tristan Brown.

Ere jalin ginggulme wesibuhengge

Devin Fitzgerald

Website Editor


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