March in Review

March in Review

It was a good month for MSG. In case you missed the news, we had a wonderful inaugural meeting at the Association for Asian Studies in San Diego.  Please visit our earlier post announcing the details.

This March we had three wonderful blog posts on MSG.

We began the month with Mårten Söderblom Saarela’s exciting investigation into the cost of Manchu dictionaries during the Guangxu period. Mårten is currently writing a dissertation on Manchu dictionaries during the Qing. His post makes us impatient for his final results! 

Next, David Porter was on target with his article on Qing period gun control.  According to the Qianlong emperor, Solon enthusiasm for guns was leading to the decline of the “Solon way.”

Last  but not least, Lei Lin introduced us to the last Manchu speakers living in Beijing: stand-up comedians. Maybe we should try this routine in class…


April is going to be another great month! We hope you stay with us for more Manchu related blog posts and news.

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